Beauty Akhtar

Beauty Akhtar />


artisan, assam, barpeta

Beauty Akhtar (32years) belongs from Rupakushi village and is a brilliant artisan from our team.

Not only she specialises in embroidery work but is also very dedicated towards it !

Before joining Amrapari,life was difficult for her, be it a victim of child marriage or adjusting in a complete new environment marked by financial struggles, she had to face it all.

They have 2 daughters.

She was dumped by her husband 3 years before and he got married to another women. After that she had to struggle a lot to survive along with her 2 daughters,as nobody helped her.

Situation became more worse with the coming up of pandemic and left her with no choice. Sooner, she got in touch with Amrapari and we recognised her skills and definitely wanted such a Hardworking artisan to be a part of our team. Now, she is able to earn for herself and her family !  She is even expecting their third child