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This is a story of one of our brave artisan named Sajeda Khatun,  a living example of how one’s resilience and will power can help accomplish one’s dreams.

She was born in Rupakushi, a small village in Barpeta district with her 8  siblings. Her father, a farmer could only  afford meals for 2 times of the day due to their financial background. Sajeda wanted to continue her studies but the financial situation didn’t let her continue with it.  Unfortunately, poverty and economic instability has led her parents incline to child marriage as a coping mechanism. They decided to marry off Sajeda at the age of 11 years which  brought darkness into the life of an innocent girl who was still a child. She was not aware of societal norms nor did she know about the functioning of a family. Unfortunately, after 2 yrs of her marriage, Sajeda’s husband met with an accident and lost his life. Her life has turned upside down as she had just given birth to a girl child right before the accident happened. She had to move from one place to another for her living and did whatever work she could do to protect her child.

Years later as her girl was growing, she thought of continuing with her studies. With the help of her school teacher, she managed to complete her HSLC and completed her H.S. from a nearby college.

Sajeda enrolled herself in a degree program in distance mode and was also applying for jobs in between, she was appointed as an Anganwadi worker while doing her degree program. She carried her studies forward along with her work and after two years she completed her degree. Sajeda’s life took a different turn thereafter, she chose to marry again after the completion of her studies. She was blessed with two boys and her family felt complete.

She is one of the workers to have been associated with Amrapari from the very beginning. Amrapari has helped Sajeda throughout this extensive period during the lockdown when the Aanganwadi was closed and sajeda had to lean onto.